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Even if you have never been to a park, it is not easy to tell you thats this should be one. Perhaps the trees and the gras will grow a bit to keep up the upcoming illusion. Some goats or cows would help. The french architect Dominique Perrault had big ambitions. His concept is interesting. The position of the velodrome an the swimming facility is nearly underground. They stick out about two feet at most. He wired the roofs. You may judge, whether this looks like a lake. You see it behind the apple trees on the first photo.
Unfortunately I never saw a wired lake. Nevertheless some facts about the power consumption of these buildings should be mentioned positively. It's only 60% compared with facilities of the same size and purpose. It's due to the architecture, clever power-management and retrieval of heat energy.
If you are such a poor dog like me and you cannot afford the entrance for the events here, you can walk one turn under the cap of the velodrome. You only have to remember one of the stairs not to do twice. If you live in Berlin, you should do at least once in your life. However, this is not the official initiation which makes you to a real Berliner. Better register. You know Frank Zapper and what he wrote at the cover of "One size fits all"? - "Round things are boring!". He did not know the Berlin Velodrom.
If you feel better, being welcomed, reach out for one of the signposts. There they post everything you should know, not be be arrested. If you like to loose your way, try the map, which is visible from Riedelstreet. Some paths are missing, but there is no real danger. You can ask other visitors.

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