Deutsche Fassung

The good old Octagon Cafe has been replaced by modern comfort stations. There are less than in the old days but they are full of features and they even look elegant. Most time they are not used like most cars. They make it better than cars. But I don't know, how our cities will look if there were as much individual toilets as individual cars.

Of course you must put in some coins, before the doors open automatically. I can't tell you the actual fee. We still had the Deutschmark, when I took this photos. If the door opens, it feels like entering a concert hall or a museum of modern art. But it's cheaper. You hear music and you can't choose. Just like when you have subscribed for your local symphony orchestra. At least, you have not to stand Becketts Godot. Time runs much faster here. After twenty minutes a beep announces, that the automatic door will open soon without your interaction. If you are not ready, you have to insert more coins.

There is enough place for a wheelchair. That's creditable. However, it makes me a bit suspicious, when even a bike may fit. Is this really a toilet? Inside everything looks exactly like a toilet and it can be used as a toilet. That doesn't mean much!!! From outside the whole thing looks like a ufo. May be it is driven by rockets which get their energy from methane and fermentation gas? This might be a simple explanation for some missing public toilets.

My personal judgement is truly admiring. Now the globalization has reached all spheres of life, even our public toilets. They had to be profitable to be built. This one makes most of its money by displaying advertisement - not with your lousy coins. It does, whether you use it or not. Nevertheless, the design style is excellent. That's remarkable under such conditions.

Designed and made by Zacke. May 2001/June 2004.