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Dead-End Helsingforser Street

This destination might have been not planed. You took the car and you're here by chance. Nothing looks interesting. It will be waste of time to stop. It's just another street to pass and forget.

If you are not of that kind, because you like to understand what you see, take the motto of our rambling clubs to your heart: "If you really want to be somewhere, you have to hoof it!" Therefor we leave the urbanity of the großstadt for a while and enter this street.

After few steps, we realize where we are. Don't turn back, go on! We will not hesitate to reach our limits.

There is nothing dramatical, it is our free will, we are above such situations. We have not be be angry or blaming ourself, that we are to stupid to see every damned traffic sign. Of course it is annoying if you see your aim without a possibility to reach it. That's exactly how life is. In a dead-end street we can follow the same way back. Life often doesn't allow it or we are to proud to admit our mistakes. We stuck.

A dead-end street offers to think about such questions. You really look OK, nobody can see, that you just might go through a serious life crisis. This place may help you to get some distance. Don't take it to personally.

The big random generator in goods pc arranged, that there is a psychotherapist in this street. I'm wondering, why he didn't open his both where it ends. Perhaps the rent was to high.

Some situations with no way out require a periskope.

... if you are over six feet, you watch the remains of the GDR falling to pieces. Soon, nothing will be left. Perhaps the little man on the traffic lights, if we are lucky. That's the destiny of utopias. They may end in a dead-end street.

School System in Deed-End Street: Even if you don't know, how german schools normally look, the numerous graffiti tell you, that there must be something similar. This (translated) one shows, that the education has reached the maximum level:


Finally, we should not forget the people living in this street. They feel at home here. They feel well guarded in this old buildings which breathe the inspiration for a unescapable career as writer or painter.

A new visit urged us to an update.

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