Originally, this Berlin Guide was intended as a parody and to be for Berliners only. Alas, from the very beginning, the last never worked. If I continue to work on this guide, despite of running out of jokes, this project is in danger to become a sincere Berlin city guide.

Some of the pages are quite old. I reworked the HTML source a bit, when I started to translate all pages to English, but I did not change the design though. Due to this, you can enjoy not only the content, but also the look of early internet times. There was no need for a CMS in those days. Everybody coded pages with the help of a book or by trial and error. In those days, the web was beautiful corny!
A site of the Federal Employment Office

Gotlindestraße 93
10365 Berlin

The Karl Marx Memorial Site

Alt-Stralau, near Friedrich-Junge-Strasse
10245 Berlin

One of our High Tech Toilettes

10245 Berlin

A beautiful Cemetery (Friedhof)

...visit any

The Ostbahnhof

S-Bahn Station Erich-Steinfurth-Strasse
10234 Berlin

Dead-End Street (Sackgasse)

Helsingforser Strasse
10243 Berlin

Monument for Friendrich Ludwig Jahn

In the Volkspark Hasenheide
10967 Berlin

The Cupola (Kuppel) (Fichtebunker)

Between Fichte and Koertestrasse
10967 Berlin

The Velodrom(e)

Landsberger Allee
between Riedelstrasse and S-Bahn Station
10407 Berlin

Bohemian Village, Comenius-Garden

Richardstraße 35
12043 Berlin

The Baustelle

Corner of Schneegloeckchenstrasse and Sigridstrasse
10407 Berlin

Suedostallee Bridge

12437 Berlin (Baumschulenweg)

ULAP Stairway

Former Universum National Exhibition Park
Alt-Moabitt, near Central Railway Station
10557 Berlin

More destinations for city trips to come!
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Geschichtspfad Stralau

Nice done website with an English version about the history of the Peninsula Strahlau, from Förderverein Stralauer Dorfkirche e.V. It is presented here to you, because of the monument to Karl Marx, but you may learn a lot more about this beautiful piece of Berlin.

Look for more links at the German version of this page, in case you understand a bit of our language.
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