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The original Intention of this Guide was, to show Berlin to the Berliners, now our Friends can share it with us.

These suggestions ain't all not serious. You have to decide for yourself. Come to Berlin and visit these sites in person.

A Selection of Places Worth Visiting:

  A site of the Federal Employment Office Gotlindestrasse 93
10365 Berlin
  The Karl Marx Memorial Site Alt-Stralau, near Friedrich-Junge-Strasse
10245 Berlin
  One of our High-Tech-Toilettes Wuehlischplatz
10245 Berlin
  A beautiful Cemetery (Friedhof) ...visit any
  The Ostbahnhof S-Bahn Station Erich-Steinfurth-Strasse
10234 Berlin
  Dead-End Street (Sackgasse) Helsingforser Strasse
10243 Berlin
  Monument for Friendrich Ludwig Jahn In the Volkspark Hasenheide
10967 Berlin
  The Cupola (Kuppel) Between Fichtestrasse and Koertestrasse
10967 Berlin
  The Velodrom(e) Landsberger Allee
between Riedelstrasse and S-Bahn Station
10407 Berlin
  Bohemian Village, Comenius-Garden Comenius-Garden
Richardstrasse 35
12043 Berlin
  The Baustelle Corner of Schneegloeckchenstrasse
and Sigridstrasse
10407 Berlin
  Suedostallee Bridge Suedostallee
12437 Berlin (Baumschulenweg)
  More interesting places are still in work

External References:

  Looking for a online Berlin map?
  Nice archive with historical Berlin maps
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