Deutsche Fassung

What a wonderful place! Where is nature closer to us? Here we enjoy silence and understand the essence of time.

Perhaps you should not come here, when you are tired. Mother Mold is calling, when they dig a new grave. If you fall asleep in a grave, she will cover you. The cemetery administration should arrange secure test sleeps. It would be a precious experience. Mold has forgotten healing powers. Mold is the mom of everything. Everything of which we consist has grown on her. Some day we will disappear in her belly. Cemeteries are good to get familiar with mold.

I like this cemetery but others are beautiful too. The dead do no harm to anybody. It is no sad place. It brings no melancholy to you. Some may mourn for their lost, but this place helps them to get through. Best comfort is when this place is accepted by the living. They learn to continue their life, to live on for those who can't. Sometimes it is more interesting to see how they arrange the decoration of the graves than to read historical dates on tombstones. Sometimes it is as phony as in real life.

If you meet this place with respect, you can go here for relaxing walks. It irritates me, when they cover the excavation with green plastic mats. This misleads to ignore Mother Mold. I never tried the taste of earth but I washed my hair with rhassoul clay for a long time. Cemeteries would be the best places for mud baths.

Designed and made by Zacke. June 2001/2004.