(This is my first selfwritten item in english.)

It is easy to make a ufo. We just step into our kitchen. There we look for something usefull for our work. May be, we have found this things:

They do not look like ufos yet. We arrange them a little. That's the usual game of photographers with light and perspective. They're changing all again and again. It can be hard. But by chance, things look like a ufo without doing much:

Next is digital processing the fotos, e.g. with GIMP or other image manipulation software. We outline the objects, add an alpha-channel an we make the disturbing background invisible. We even may mirror or rotate, retouche etx. Here are the results:

Now we relax a bit. We go out to a place, where ufos allready have been reported. In our example, it is the so called Ufo-Station at the Frankfurter Gate in Berlin. There is the famous "U". But today, no ufos, as usual. We photopraph the place without.

Home again, we take foto by photo and add a layer, on which we place one of our ufos. It is good to blur to a certain degree. We also have to avoid to high resolution and professional looking. If you ever should see a real ufo, you're not prepared at all. Even if you got a camera with, you watch them with mouth open and forget to make a shot. That's why there are not very much ufo pics. If you happen to make one, it's mostly not perfect.

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© Photographs and Design by Zacke. September 2001.