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Baustelle is more than the german word for road works. For Berliners it means something rather special. It is the way how they prove their true love to this town. They love the Baustelle itself. There is no moaning when a street is closed, of course they have enough of them. They love lots even when they have to balance over shaky shelves to enter their house. When the Potsdamer Platz turned to a big construction site, they visited it in big crowds. They also directed all tourist to it and installed a stilted red container to attract more attention. However, most sites do not last for ever. Here we kept the short life of a tiny nice one. You will fall in love with and perhaps you may understand Berliners a bit better.
First it looked like a public cat litter. Then a mighty power shovel appeared to excavate a deep hole.
When all was done, nothing looked much different. Alas we have no information, if there was a duct cover before. You may ask a resident. Ring anywhere. Get new friends.

If you can't but visit this place, you may look for other sites where they dig. If there is none, promenade the Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg instead. It's worth. It's quite pleasing. There might be foxes and bears, at least they placed their statues there. However, I only met a shy fox. The location is not easy to find. If you do, you became an expert of Berlin.

Google Maps - This link focuses your view on the Baustelle. It is the angle drawn by Sigrid- and Schneegloeckchenstrasse. Additionally you see the paths I like to walk.

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