Deutsche Fassung


Why not visiting the Employment Office? You can meet there a lot of people like you. If you are on welfare you cannot afford all that other pleasures. They should care. It would make a nice place for carrousels and giant wheels. They could offer bungee jumping from one of the high buildings. Some snacks are already running. Their list of beverages is more attracting than the drinks from the canteen. Perhaps, the Arbeitsamt can compete with their prices according to SGB III.

Don't leave this place without registrating for being jobless. Forget you experiences you made in the past. Now they are really polite. You are the king of their business. Don't visit this place only because you need the money. Keep your eyes open and enjoy the architecture. If you are a former prisoner of the GDR, forget the history of this place. Realize how it is now. It is less unreal as it seems. You may discover stairs to heaven, others lead to nowhere. You find them inside and outside of this buildings.

(After a reorganisation this is my old employment office. So I feel a bit better presenting it here.)

Designed and made by Zacke. May 2001/June 2004.